Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cephalotripsy - Promo 2011
Brutal Slam Death Metal
California USA

- Arcane Rites of the Trans-Dimensonal Progeny
- Ulcerated Mass of Pestilent Engorgement
- Entrenched in Fluids of enigmatic Predation

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Condemned - Realms of the Ungodly

Brutal Death Metal
California USA

- Eirgmos...Aidios...
- Ere the Dark Sovereign
- Baptismal Incineration Upon Simonists
- Catharsis of Human Impurity
- Embodied in Elms of Eternal Misery
- Realms of the Ungodly
- Forged Within Lecherous Offerings
- The Divine Order of Babylon
- Manipulated for Servitude
- Submerged Unto Phlegethon

Monday, August 22, 2011

Euphoric Defilement - Promo 2011
Brutal Death Metal
California, USA

- Rending Shades Of Deformity
- Consume To Defile
- Virulent Affliction

Thursday, August 18, 2011


(Imagine Devourment, but 10 times better)

Sick - Promo 2011
Brutal Slam Death Metal
California, USA

- Consuming Putrid Innards
- Esanguination Through Mutilation
- Cannibalistic Torment
Intestinal Alien Reflux - Illegal Aliens
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Michigan, USA

- Republicant
- Attempted Venicular Manslaughter
- Bestial Defecated
- Demacraddict
- Gurgling Vaginal Discharge
- Illegal Aliens
- Dissect to Infect
- Drugs on War
- Human Excrement
- Crack Induced Beatings
- Must Kill All Human
- Corpsickle
- Nightman
- Drink Fight Smoke Puke
- Blood Semen Orgasm

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Human Mastication - Persecute to Bloodbath
Brutal Death Metal

- Repulsive Display Of Dismembered Bodies
- Persecute To Bloodbath
- Deadly Visions In My Head
- Womb Full Of Scabs (Disgorge Cover)
- Obsession To Grisly Mutilation
- Dragged And Raped For My Feast
- Outro (Instrumental)
Analdicktion - Sluts
Brutal Slam Death Metal

- Fingerbang Abortion
- Whoreaphobic
- Female Explusion Orgasmic Parade
- Gagged and Grinded
- Phrenetic Impaled Vaginal Dissection
- Quantity of a Human Defilement
- Anorexorcist
- Semen Covered Butchered Whores
- Too Kvlt to Fvck
- Sperm VS Egg
- Teenage Assault Bukkake Ceremony
- Campaign for Emo Destruction
- Severed Scene Slut
- Genetically Abused Youth

Visceral Disgorge - Ingesting Putridity
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Maryland, USA

- Force Fed Shredded Genitalia
- Sedated And Amputated
- Strangled And Sodomized
- Ball-Gagged And Gutted
- Spastic Anal Lacerations
- Colostomy Bag Asphyxiation
- Necrocoprophagia
- Maggot Infested Fuck Hole
- Skullfucking Neonatal Necrosis

Thursday, June 9, 2011

HIGHLY Recommended emerging slam band!

Expurgate - New Promo Song
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Colorado, USA

- Vicious Human Putrilage

If you like what you hear, download their previous two track demo HERE
Pencil Lead Syringe - Promo 2011
Brutal Slam Death Metal
California, USA

- A Loss Of Orientation
- Detaching A Corpus Callosum
- Can I Borrow A Feeling
- Habitation Of Darkness
- A Night In Terror Tower
- Good Stuff Happens
- The Silence Of...
- Buy Me Bone Storm Or Go To Hell

Short Bus Pile Up - Putrid Pelvic Prolapse
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Virginia, USA

- Intro
- DIY Circumcision
- Prepubescent Deflowerment
- Swift Anal Fist
- One Night Keg Stand
- Appeasing the Butcher
- Labia Beautification
- Colostomy Handbag

Infernal Revulsion - An Epic Conviction
Brutal Slam Death Metal

This is Infernal Revulsions complete discography.

- Devastate Under Hallucination (full album)
- Dead but Breathing (full album)

and one previously unreleased track
- Blemished

Monday, May 30, 2011


The purpose of this post is to help aspiring death metal fans discover a few new bands and hopefully find a new favorite (or several). I suggest checking out every band on the list and coming to your own conclusion about their music. The list is just a compilation of a bunch of really good bands that are highly likely to grow on you. Enjoy!


Implosive Disgorgence


There are a lot of really good bands I didnt include in the last set, so here is another download list with a ton of awesome bands. I mixed in some Brutal Death too, so check out all of the bands and support your favorites!!


Cranial Impalement

From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh

Human Rejection
Decrepit to Insanity

Guttural Secrete
Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment
Sudden Rage - Demo
Brutal Slam Death Metal

- Dont Listen to Their Voice
- Scream From the Grave

Syphilic - Symphony Of Slit Throats
Brutal Death Metal
Michigan, USA

- Symphony of Slit Throats
- Jizza Delivery
- Riverbank Skank
- Manure Chewer
- Body Herpes
Defeated Sanity - Psalms Of The Moribound
Technical Brutal Death Metal

- Stoned Then Defiled
- Fatal Self-Inflicted Disfigurement
- Prelude To The Tragedy
- Hideously Disembodied
- Butchered Identity
- Psalms Of The Moribund
- Engorged With Humiliation
- Arousal Through Punishment
- Artifacts Of Desolation
Infertile Surrogacy - Postulate of Mass Genocide

- Postulate of Mass Genocide
- Inexplicable Scrotal Mutilation
- Nauseating Hunger for Human Feces
- Abnormality Age

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cenotaph - Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
Technical Brutal Death Metal

- Schizoid Acts of Mental Defloration
- Menstrual Dismemberment
- Consumed By Embryophagy
- Pustulation With Swarming Insectoids
- Embalming Maggotized Aborticide (Obscure Perspectives of Forensic Entomology)
- Gorenographic Pervert Victimology
- Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
- Paroxysmal Mutation
- Embryobscure Hypnosis/Womb of Decay

Vomit the Soul - Apostles of Inexpression
Brutal Death Metal

- Prototypes of Values Incarnation
- Self Perception Veil
- Extirpated from Absurdity
- Overcrowd
- Apostles of Inexpression
- Unrecognized Elements Presence
- Decay of an Inviolable Dogma
- Inconsistent Delta

Colonize the Rotting - Composting the Masticated
Brutal Death Metal
California USA

- Putrid Distension
- Formation of Worms
- Regurgitated Carrion
- Genesis of Putrescence
- Purulent Ejaculation
- Composting the Masticated

Cease of Breeding - Sounds of Disembowelment
Brutal Death Metal

- Death To All And All To Death
- Proud To Be A Mass Murderer
- Nailed
- 5.2 Litres Of Blood
- Sounds Of Disembowelment
- Expanding The Massacre
- Semen Excorism
- The Sight Of Hanged Men Makes My Day

Turbidity - Path of Mutilated (Promo)
Brutal Slam Death Metal

- Path of Mutilated
- Marah Termuntah
- Persetubuhan Sedarah

Ezophagothomia - Instict Of Inhuman Devourment
Brutal Slam Death Metal

- The Cell of Sickness
- Instinct of Human Devourment
- Petrified in Ancients Megaliths
- Hiding Under Disfigured Surface
- When Earth Will be Tired of Us
- The Way to Interminable Horror
- Rejoice in Moribund (mortal Decay Cover)
- Parasitic Vivisection
- The Sources of Furious Mass Madness

Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance
Technical Brutal Death Metal

- Introitus
- Consumed by Repugnance
- Carnal Deliverance
- Salacious Affinity
- Engulfed in Excruciation
- Coerced into Idolatry
- Blissfully Exsanguinated
- Calculated Barbarity
- Lurid Assimilation

Blasphemer - On the Inexistence of God
Brutal Death Metal

- Kuro Laughing Death
- Compulsive Obliteration
- IX Son
- The Killing Dogma
- 38 Gauge Absolution
- On the Inexistence of God
- Nihilist Preachers of Death
- Cloaca of Iniquity
- Dining Upon the Unburied
- Outro

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gutrot - Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment

Gutrot - Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment
Brutal Death Metal
Michigan USA

- Gorging On Menstrual Chunks
- Incestual Rimjob
- Fatal Anal Penetration
- Teabagging The Dead
- Cock Snot Covered Twat
- Raped In The Back Of Zach's Van (Last Days Of Humanity Cover)

Saprogenic - The Wet Sound of Flesh on Concrete
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Detroit MI

- Occular Desication
- Foaming Rectal Seepage
- Prolapsed Trachea Fuck Toy
- Gluttonous Consumption
- Dripping Metaphilia
- Cerebral Regurgitation
- Ovulation Redirected
- Inhale The Effluence of Decay
- Force Fed Excrement
- Remnants of Cephalotripsy
- The Wet Sound of Flesh On Concrete

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Extermination Dismemberment - Butcher Basement
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Minsk, Belarus

- Commencement of End
- Slaughter Chainsaw
- Resurrectionist Blasphemous
- Merciless Infanticide
- Brutality Great Battle
- Rotten Entrails
- Butcher Basement
- Gastrointestinal Rupture
- Bulldozer Massacre

(This is the 2011 version, not the demo!)

Carnal Disfigurement - Inhuman Devoured Content from Crainial Cavity
Slamming Brutal Death Metal

- Decrepit Pyemesis
- The Art of Sadistic Bloody Examination
- The Depth of Perverse Depravity
- Butchered Maggoty Face
- Ulcerative Helminthemesis
- Stench of infecting Population
- Degenerating Cerebral Impulses
- Dismembered Human Fillet

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Woundeep - Weapons of Mass Protection
Brutal Death Metal

- 4 Religions, 7 Seas, and the 9th Article
- The Inevitable is Here
- Color of Betrayal

Vulvectomy - Post Abortion Slut Fuck
Brutal Slam Death Metal

- Gangrenous Testicular Deformity
- Female Stress Urinary Incontinence
- Charred Scrotal Fragments
- Eugenic Sterilization
- Adolescent Vaginal Gourmet
- Post Partum Depression Foeticide
- Blunt Rectal Impalement
- Drowned in Afterbirth

Syphilic - Behind Bars
Brutal Death Metal
Detroit MI

- Wombhead
- Robalni
- Rochester Dechester
- Prog 38
- Miss Congenitalia
- Canine Creampie
- Cannibalisdick
- Vegetable At Best
- Leper Messiah

Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
Brutal Death Metal

- Humiliation Through Methodical Submission
- Homophobic Indiscriminate Violation
- Into Morbid Obesity
- Epidemic Of The Era
- Psychotic Compositor
- Last Torture Preferment
- Absolute Excrement

Inherit Disease - Visceral Trascendence
Brutal Death Metal

- Vessel Of Inumanity
- Sentient Horror
- Beyond The Tyranny Of Entropy
- Hivemind
- Birth Of The Artiect
- Digital Rapture
- Dark Facets Of Self Indulgence
- Prolific Dominance
- Nanoscourge
- Maelstrom Of Vindictive Torment

by far the best thing Katalepsy has ever released

Katalepsy - 3 Way Split Tracks
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Moscow, Russia

- Postapocalyptic Segregation
- Carpet Wounding
- Tearing Sinew
- Number of Death (13)

Abnormity - Demo + 2 New Tracks
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Moscow, Russia

- Irreversible Disintegration
- Shattered to the Bone
- Guttural Bleeding
- Vomit Carnage
- Sickness of the Human Race

Eighty Thousand Dead
Brutal Death Metal
Goshen IN

- Intracranial Coprostasis

Putridity - Degenerating Anthropophogical Euphoria
Brutal Death Metal

- Cannibalistic Post Climax Flesh Consumption
- Sodomize Epileptic Chunks
- Masturbating the Infibulated
- Syphilic Menstrual Rejection
- Wallowing in Aftermaths
- Euphoric State of Dementia
- Innate Butchery Aptitude
- Draining Necro Anal Disgorgement
- Living Decomposition