Thursday, June 9, 2011

HIGHLY Recommended emerging slam band!

Expurgate - New Promo Song
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Colorado, USA

- Vicious Human Putrilage

If you like what you hear, download their previous two track demo HERE
Pencil Lead Syringe - Promo 2011
Brutal Slam Death Metal
California, USA

- A Loss Of Orientation
- Detaching A Corpus Callosum
- Can I Borrow A Feeling
- Habitation Of Darkness
- A Night In Terror Tower
- Good Stuff Happens
- The Silence Of...
- Buy Me Bone Storm Or Go To Hell

Short Bus Pile Up - Putrid Pelvic Prolapse
Brutal Slam Death Metal
Virginia, USA

- Intro
- DIY Circumcision
- Prepubescent Deflowerment
- Swift Anal Fist
- One Night Keg Stand
- Appeasing the Butcher
- Labia Beautification
- Colostomy Handbag

Infernal Revulsion - An Epic Conviction
Brutal Slam Death Metal

This is Infernal Revulsions complete discography.

- Devastate Under Hallucination (full album)
- Dead but Breathing (full album)

and one previously unreleased track
- Blemished